The Fitness Studio :: Bellevue, WAThe Fitness Studio, Where Fitness is Personal
Welcome to The Fitness Studio! Where fitness is achieved through the combination of weight training, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, nutrition and relaxation. All of these elements work together to achieve a well-balanced fitness program. Being fit is not so much about doing certain activities, as it is about living a certain lifestyle.

At The Fitness Studio, the philosophy is to teach Functional Fitness. Functional Fitness is about doing exercises that mimic the activities done in everyday life. You will not find a room full of weight machines in our studio. Most gym equipment is designed to isolate muscle groups, however, our bodies donít move like that in everyday life. The Fitness Studio emphasizes exercises that involve bodyweight, balance and core stability. We teach exercises that utilize all your bodyís stabilizing muscles while going through all the various planes of motion. We teach you to exercises that move in the ways your body was meant to move.

Whether you are just starting out or you are a long-time fitness enthusiast, The Fitness Studio can customize a program that will help to get you going or help you break through that fitness plateau. Read More

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